8 Eye Makeup Looks To Rock This Fall

Exciting eye makeup is having a major moment right now, and it’s not just because the need for face masks has exponentially increased the importance of “the smize” as Tyra Banks would put it. With beauty influencers spending more time at home, creating makeup looks just to wear in their rooms instead of out into the real world, their looks have become wonderfully playful and inventive.

Graphic eyeliners in bright colors, multicolored smokey eyes, and plenty of Euphoria-inspired sequins and glitter are just a few of the popular trends right now. And in case you do need to make a grocery store run, these exciting eye makeup looks will look great peering out from your face mask!

Pop Art Eyeliner

As seen at Milan Fashion Week, a pop of graphic eyeliner is a cool statement look with minimal effort or materials. To replicate this look, you’ll just need a good black eye pencil to highlight your corner and create a triangle wing. Another popular style right now is to channel 60s supermodel Twiggy and outline your whole eyelid crease.

Inner Eye Color Pop

A touch of bright eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eye can completely transform an otherwise basic smokey eye. Apply your neutral eye shadow as usual, then swipe your brush in the bright color hue of your choosing and swipe along the corner above your eyelid. Try matching the color to your mask or another accessory for a coordinated look.

Bold Brows

Sometimes all you need is a clean and bold brow to make a statement. If you haven’t tested out the “soap brow” trend yet, now is the perfect time! All you’ll need is a clean spoolie and a clear bar of soap. The reason why this trick is so popular is because the soap allows the brows to stay in shape all day long, but you could also use a brow gel to get the same effect, or if you want to add a tint.

Monochrome Lids

Monochrome lids are fun and easy, as they just require one color! Metallic or duo-chrome colors are perfect for achieving this style, and I would recommend wetting your eyeshadow brush before applying the color for an ultra-saturated look. Alternatively, you could also use a liquid eyeshadow pigment.

Coy Cat Eye

No eye makeup style is as timeless as the cat eye. Modernize the trend by exaggerated the wing and using a thick graphic liner.

Silver Smokey Eye

This silver take on the smokey eye is great for a wintertime party look. Apply a gunmetal hue at the outer edge, then blend a lighter hue along your eyelid. Finish off with a silver highlighter along the brow bone, and don’t forget to blend out! A simple black mascara will also pair well.

Hot Pink Hues

One color that’s having a big moment in eye makeup right now is hot pink. This fashion week attendee went all out with hot pink eyes and brows, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate the color from a pop of color—pink eyeliner or mascara—to a bright overall look.

Love eye catching eyeliner but tired of the same old charcoal black shades? Mix things up with a color liner, like this cobalt blue design seen at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

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