Alo Yoga Launches Fine Jewelry Collection With Logan Hollowell

September is National Yoga Month, and Alo Yoga is marking the occasion with its first-ever fine jewelry collection in collaboration with Los Angeles-based designer, Logan Hollowell. The collection focuses on the ideas of mindfulness and being present, which are integral to the practice of yoga. Danny Harris, co-founder and co-CEO of Alo Yoga, says, “This jewelry collaboration is all about mindfulness and providing reminders to be present and align with one’s intentions. Logan Hollowell was for sure the right partner for us on this. Her message is yoga-minded and totally aligned with Alo’s. It was important for us to work with someone who is mindful of the earth, someone who uses sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. All of her gold is repurposed and her gems are all fair-trade and eco-friendly. As a designer, Logan visualizes the spiritual impact and healing effect each piece will have on its wearer, which is important to us.”

The collection comprises four pieces: Intention Star bracelet, Be Here ring, Be Here necklace, and Centering Elements necklace. Each piece is handmade with 14K recycled gold, ethically sourced moonstone, and conflict-free diamonds. Of the collection, Hollowell says,” I was inspired by the theme of finding direction — something we are all experiencing on a personal and collective level. Unity and harmony are what we are striving for, and the compass and its alchemical elements of water, earth, land, and fire translate to finding guidance, and balance while maintaining diamond-like strength.“

The Be Here pieces honor the Sanskrit roots of yoga, and Hollowell believes it’s an important message for us now. “‘Be Here’ in Sanskrit is the perfect mantra for today. The simple notion of tapping into the present moment is truly the formula for happiness and peace. I have found that Sanskrit writing is an art in itself and the translations are always eloquent and bold with such depth. I included a moonstone in these designs because it is the stone of the feminine, promoting peace, intuition, and balance.”

The collection marks Alo Yoga’s first foray into fine jewelry, but later this year, it will be releasing its own line of branded jewelry with a collection of 15 pieces.

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