Children’s clothing, a $16B market globally, suffers from massive underutilization.  On average, parents spend more than $700 each year on kids’ clothes, only to see them grow out of them within months, resulting in 63 million pounds of clothing going into landfill daily. “We recognized an opportunity to address multiple […]

The Daily Beast These Kids Are Panicked Their Parents Won’t Let Them Get COVID-19 Tests Around the end of December, Kai, a high school student on the West Coast, came down with a bad bug.“I had a sore throat, a severe cough, pain in my abdominal region, a hard time […]

No matter how you size it up, fashion and the art of dressing can be used as a non-verbal greeter to convey one’s identity, emotions or distinct point of view. To showcase how fashion and personal style can be used as a means to communicate, HYPEBAE enlisted Telsha Anderson, the […]

A jewelry designer created earrings to keep AirPods in place while under stay at home orders. Suhani Parekh of Misho Designs was inspired by her own AirPod mishaps. The earrings come in three designs, and retail for between $60 and $125. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. Suhani Parekh […]

The transition from T-shirts to sweaters, the last humid days of summer to the first chill in the air always remind me of back to school books and supplies. This year feels  quite different as each family and parts of the country approach education differently, with school opening extensions and […]

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on. What is repeat dressing? When it comes to fashion we all like to express ourselves in different ways. Whether it’s hats, shoes, dresses, accessories or even just a bit of glitter, how we […]