Best Jewelry Gifts for Men in 2020

If you’re looking to buy jewelry items for your dad, brother, husband, son, boyfriend or male friends then read on and find out the current trends in men’s jewelry for this year.

Gone are the days when jewelry was something that only women would wear. Many modern men have started wearing jewelry to individualize their look and as a form of self-expression. As a result, the market for men’s jewelry has seen a staggering amount of growth in recent times bringing about an expansion in the variety of jewelry pieces available for men. Ranging from the trendy punk style jewelry to the more sophisticated minimalistic jewelry, men today are experimenting and adding more jewelry to their styles. Jewelry items have also become a popular gift item for men. So if you’re looking to buy jewelry items for your dad, brother, husband, son, boyfriend or male friends then read on and find out the current trends in men’s jewelry for this year.


A watch is an accessory that is worn by most men and makes for a very classic gift. It is something that you can never go wrong with when you’re gifting it to someone. Most men like to have two sets of watches, one for regular use and the other for special occasions. If you’re opting for a regular use watch then you can choose a metal band in silver, gunmetal or gold which has a big round face, with sub-dials displaying the date. Alternatively, you can also opt for a watch with a leather wrist band which is versatile enough for everyday use. Smartwatches are also in the trend these days and can be worn as an everyday watch. Not only are they useful in a lot of ways but also accentuate the casual-cool look. If you want to gift a watch for special occasions then you can choose a simple and elegantly designed watch with a small face and minimal detailing in a gold or silver-tone.

Tie Clips or Tie Chains

Tie Clips and tie chains can be gifted to those who work in a corporate company and have to dress up formally wearing a tie. The tie clips and tie chains are used to keep the tie from interfering while you do your usual work. They are cast in metal with a gold or silver-tone and are available in very simple and subtle designs that add a bit of sophistication when worn. They can even be worn for evening cocktail parties or a formal occasion where you can opt for a dressier tie clip which has a tie chain attached with intricate designs engraved on it. With new and quirky designs coming up every now and then, the tie clip with tie chains make for a very trendy gift.

Lapel Pins

A lapel pin is a small item of jewelry that is worn on the lapel of a coat or a jacket. A lot of politicians wear it to support a cause but the lapel pin can be worn by anyone. Also known as the enamel pin, this ornamental jewelry can be worn as a style statement or to indicate the affiliation of the wearer to a cause. Regardless of the reason for wearing, the lapel pin looks extremely elegant and makes for a beautiful gift for men. Cast in metal and plated with gold or silver, the lapel pins are available in various designs suited for different occasions. If you’re confused among the designs then the best way is to opt for a generalized design such as a small feather or flower in brass or gold.


The ring is one such jewelry item that has been a staple for both men and women for a very long time. Traditionally, men wore a ring to represent their commitment but today most men like to wear a ring other than their wedding band. If you want to gift a ring to someone who is not very fond of elaborate jewelry, then a simple sterling silver would be a great choice. For the more fashionable ones, you can opt for a signet ring with their initials or something significant engraved on it. For a loved one you can choose a platinum band, a wide range of which is available at the Hatton Garden Jewellers.


Cufflinks are tiny ornaments that hold the cuffs of a French shirt in place. They are generally worn on formal occasions and are available in a wide range of designs which can be a great gift for men. If you are in doubt regarding the taste of the person you are gifting it to, then stick to the classic designs such as a square or circular cufflinks plated with gold or silver. If the person’s sense of style is extravagant then you can choose cufflinks with tiny embellishments that look posh yet masculine.


Bracelets for men are very different from what women wear. They’re not shiny with charms hanging from them but instead they more simple with just a metal or a leather band worn to complement your look and not overpower it. When it comes to gifting, a tough leather band is a great option since it blends well with a casual look. You can also choose a simple metal band in brass or silver which will look equally good with a casual outfit.


Most necklaces worn by men are simple, basic and not too loud. Gifting men a classic metal chain is the best way to surprise them.  You can choose a metal chain that is thin and not too long and looks cool with all outfits. For those who like to experiment with their styles, you can gift a mid-weight chain with a quirky pendant which makes a statement.

Although the amount of jewelry worn by the modern man is less, you can still choose a perfect jewelry gift item for your man. Be it a timeless platinum ring that you gift him in a honeymoon destination near London or the stylish rose gold cuff links you surprise him with for Christmas, men’s jewelry items are here to stay and grow, both in variety and number.

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