Depop to Remove All QAnon Clothing from Platform

Depop will be removing all accounts or listings selling QAnon merchandise, the company has told VICE News.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “The safety and wellbeing of our users is our number one priority, and we do everything we can to create a safe environment for every single user on Depop.”

“It’s why we have a clear set of policies which govern what is and what is not allowed on the platform,” they continued. “We explicitly prohibit any content promoting misleading or untrue information that incites violence or hatred of any kind and will be removing any accounts or listings selling ‘QAnon’ merchandise.”

The statement came after VICE News discovered a seller, entitled Killer Merch, with 471 followers, selling over 15 different QAnon-related products. The T-shirts, in black and white, had the letter Q printed across the front, and featured different images and slogans associated with the conspiracy, such as a white rabbit.

The bio to each item read, “Q anon a global phenomenon that they are trying to silence. Stand up proud in a cool shirt and follow the white rabbit… get one before they take them down.”

It appears this seller has now been removed.

Depop isn’t the first tech company to introduce a policy to quell the spread of the conspiracy theory. As QAnon picks up a growing number of supporters in the US and Europe, Facebook yesterday announced it would be removing all accounts and pages associated with conspiracy theory, while Etsy also said it would be removing all merchandise associated with the conspiracy from its website.

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