Guess Jeans unzips personal style recommendations with new shopping app

Guess Jeans is fashioning a more personalized mobile shopping experience with its new commerce application, allowing users first access to collections and customized style recommendations.

The retailer is driving sales through a streamlined experience on mobile, giving consumers control of their shopping experience wherever they are with features such as individual fashion suggestions, wish lists, VIP access and rewards. Guess is hoping the ramped up strategy and app will drive sales of its jeans.

“With Guess Jeans’s new mobile app,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis. “They are offering 15 percent off your first purchase to newbies coming to visit the app, which should help drive their consumers to engage and take a tour of the new app experience.

“With a new app experience that allows consumers to take a quiz to customize the app to a certain preference and then change it as they see fit, these enhancements will be a boost in keeping the newbies coming back once they’ve browsed for their first percentage off,” she said.

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The Guess Jeans app is available for iPhone and Android users, and the brand is promoting the launch through social media.

The retail app’s claim to fame is its personalized style recommendations based on information input by the user. Shoppers complete a three-step quiz, which evaluates her specific style to better serve appropriate products.

Over time, the app will refine the item selection based on users’ past in product purchases as well as browsing history, creating a smart and responsive shopping experience similar to a personal stylist. Users are able to create a wish list in which they can save items of interest and keep track of things they like.

New campaigns, products, collections, exclusive events and promotions are available to Guess Jeans app users before others.

A rewards program is also an integral part of the Guess Jeans app experience, allowing users to acquire points as well as view and redeem them. The checkout process is streamlined through a digital profile and rewards card, enabling users to hold up their phone to scan to use the loyalty card.

Guess is posting to various social media outlets to promote the app, with an image of a woman cuddling on a bed with a cat, exploring the Guess Jeans app on an iPad, with the text “Get app happy: the all-new @GUESS Jeans App for Apple and Android is here.” The link brings users to a Guess page, advertising the features of the app along with other links to download the respective iOS and Google Play apps.

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The retailer is also partnering with Peace Over Violence for Denim Day, raising awareness and funds to combat sexual violence while driving online sales and its brand image (see more).

Affordable fashion retailer Forever 21 launched its first Android shopping app in a similar effort, offering features such as horizontal swiping to move between products, Scan & Shop, one-page checkout and social integration (see more).

“Guess jeans is using visual lifestyle shots,” Ms. Troutman said. “The brand has moved away from the typical drop downs and changed the normal to a much better, more visual user interface.

“The app is different and in the ever changing IoT a bold move of different is a welcome change and everyone will be keeping an eye on this app to see how the change in the user experience works out for them,” she said.

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Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Commerce Daily

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