How to become a jewellery designer: Chloe’s story

Chloe Moss – Jewellery designer

I provide all inspiration and creative ideas and themes to produce all our products. That involves working closely with my designers to produce an appealing range that we know will be on trend and that will sell well.

I left school at 16, I wasn’t very academic really at school, I left with about 5 GCSEs but I did love drama and art. At 17, I went to work for my dad in a travel company, I worked for him until I was 21 and at 21, I thought ‘I don’t want to work for my dad for the rest of my life, I’m going travelling!’

I saw a lady one day making jewellery at the beach; she was literally just beading and making bracelets and I was like a magpie, I ran over to her and I was like ‘wow! What are you doing?’ I was just so inspired, I just, something clicked, a light switched on and I just thought ‘that is what I want to do’, bought loads of stuff back and started making bracelets around my kitchen table and that was like 15 years ago.

So advice I would give somebody wanting to get into the jewellery industry, first of all would be to believe that you can do it, believe in yourself, believe that you can achieve it. You have to have a creative mind and an eye for detail, an eye for fashion, I mean I’m not really the best drawer, I’m not great at drawing but I have a head designer so I’ll give her all my ideas which comes from my creative mind and I’ll give her my ideas and she’ll kind of draw them and bring them to life! You know being creative I wanted to do everything and design everything and have it all right here, right now but like your cash flow and the business side of things doesn’t allow you to do that so I’ve had to learn patience that I can’t do everything straight away and you know just learning about cash flow, learning about wholesale prices and retail prices and margins and you know, coming from not a business background, it’s been tough!

The thing I love most about my job is seeing people wearing my jewellery, seeing them wearing it and enjoying it and getting you know getting joy from it! And also it’s also a big buzz obviously when we get it on different celebrities, I remember when Cheryl Cole wore it on The X Factor and then she was pictured in every magazine wearing the big Moss Rosary so that was a big buzz for me as well so yeah, just seeing people wear it and enjoy it!

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