How to wear make-up with a face mask

Masks have become the new normal and an essential accessory to keep ourselves safe during the Coronavirus pandemic. While they keep us safe, they have also upended our beauty routine in many ways. Since masks cover most of our face, they still leave a lot of scope to highlight the parts that are left uncovered like eyes, brows and lashes. Here are few tips for make-up lovers on wearing make-up with a face mask:

Spend more time on basic skincare: Wearing a mask for long hours can lead to clogged pores and result in acne or dryness for some. This makes skincare more important than ever. Make sure to follow a cleansing, toning, moisturising routine every night.

Eyes are your focus now: The lower half of our face is now covered with the mask so one can focus more on the eye make-up. For the day, play with light neutral tones that brighten up your eyes. For the evening, you may want to work with more dramatic and sultry looks.

Groom those brows: No eye make-up look is complete without the brows. Invest in brow products that suit your needs. People with a natural strong brow should brush them and set them with a brow gel. People with thin or very light brows can fill them using the colour closest to their hair colour.

Foundation: Stay away from heavy full-coverage face foundation — between the mask, heat, and a heavy foundation, all one can imagine is clogged pores and you don’t want your face to break out. For base make-up, use light to medium coverage products. To avoid foundation getting all over the inside of the mask, mark the line you want your foundation to come down till.

Setting your make-up: Make sure to set your make-up with powder or a setting spray to avoid any creasing around the eyes.

Lip care: Lipstick can easily stain masks, also masks can smudge your lip colour easily. The two don’t mix, but there are ways to paint your pout even now. One can apply petroleum jelly for extra hydration and layer it with a lip pencil, which is thicker than lipsticks and won’t smudge easily. Just make sure you blot it well before wearing the mask.

– With inputs from Samay Dutta, Director, NOIR

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