I tested Makeup by Mario’s new line and here’s my honest review

It’s been twenty years in the making, but Mario Dedivanovic aka ‘Makeup By Mario’ has finally launched his own line and for some unbeknownst reason, he sent little old me the entire collection to try.

I know!

Back in 2019 I had the absolute honour of getting my own blotchy face painted by Mario himself. It was an experience I will never forget, mainly due to his kindness. They say never meet your idols, but if your idol is Mario I suggest getting a date in asap.

I remember asking Mario back then if he was going to launch his own line, after all, this is the man essentially responsible for starting the entire YouTube makeup industry. He was quite coy about it and simply replied that he’d always wanted to wait until he’d been doing his job for 20 years.

Well finally we no longer have to wait, as Makeup by Mario is finally here .

For his first collection, Mario has focused solely on the eyes as that is always his starting point.

The entire range is very much focused on makeup artistry and having been to one of his masterclasses I can see the thought process behind each and every product. Yes, this is a range that anyone can use, but it’s also one for anyone who is obsessed with Mario’s specific techniques.

makeup my mario makeup collection review

Laura Capon

Starting with his Master Prep & Prime Set, which is not to be confused with concealer. Mario has taken his specific eye priming technique and put it into a product, so you can recreate it at home.

Available in three shades, each set contains two creamy primers and a translucent setting powder. This guy was a real surprise for me because it actually turned out to be one of, if not my favourite product from the entire range.

There is a lighter and darker shade in each so you can go slightly lighter or more true to your skin tone. I went slightly lighter which is something I’ve never tried with an eye primer before.

Not only did it make my eyes look more awake (I genuinely would actually wear this on it’s own), but it is the best eyeshadow base I have ever tried.

Having hooded eyes I always find my shadow skips, or gets slightly patchy, especially in the crease. But with this I got the most perfect blend, in fact I can’t tell you how smooth my eyes looked.

makeup my mario makeup collection review

Laura Capon

That could also be down to the eyeshadow, which I’m also a huge fan of. For his debut collection, Mario has launched two palettes: one matte, one shimmer.

As an eyeshadow palette fiend, it always surprises people when I say that Tom Ford’s (now discontinued) ‘Cocoa Mirage’ quad is my favourite. In a world of colours and textures, why would I love four shades of matte brown so much.

Hear me out.

Matte browns are my go-to. I can throw them on for an every day wash of colour, and I can smoke them out for a more sultry evening look. If I want a ‘sexy’ eye they are always my default because you cannot go wrong with them.

So how do I feel about a 12-pan, all matte, brown for every skin tone palette?

Downright ecstatic.

makeup my mario makeup collection review matte eyeshadow palette

Laura Capon

Whether it was the primer, the shadows, or a combination of both, these blended better than any matte shadow I’ve ever used. No skipping, no patchiness, just pure unadulterated creaminess.

To take my eyes to that next level I added the Master Pro Pigment in the ‘Perfect Brown’, for a smudgy look that made my blue eyes look ten times more sultry, if I do say so myself.

I then added some of the Master Crystal Reflector in Bronzite to the centre of my lid and inner corner. This is a sort of cream-powder hybrid that gives a editorial wet-look sheen to the lids.

makeup by mario makeup collection review bronzite

Laura Capon

To finish, I highlighted using the Master Secret Glow. From watching Mario I know how much he hates chunky highlighters as they give unwanted texture to the face.

It’s like a face balm that’s not as sticky as a gloss and doesn’t break down your makeup. The sheen it gives your skin is beautiful and I ended up pretty much smothering myself in it.

makeup my mario makeup collection review

Laura Capon

I can hand on heart say that I absolutely loved everything I tried. In fact I was actually meant to be testing a new cleanser afterwards for a feature I’m working on, but couldn’t actually bear to wash my makeup off.

Without sounding incredibly narcissistic, I was just obsessed with how my eyes looked with these products and it was only afterwards that I realised why.

What I think is my style of makeup, is actually all techniques I’ve learnt and picked up from Mario over the years.

Without me even realising, he has had a huge impact on my own makeup techniques and beauty ideals. So obviously I love all these products he’s created because they are literally designed to replicate his signature style.

The reason I switched from black to brown eyeliner is because of Mario, the reason I love a matte neutral is because of Mario, the reason I’m obsessed with highlighter is because of Mario. Get the picture?

makeup my mario makeup collection review

makeup by mario makeup collection review

Now I literally have my dream makeup edit. Fellow Mario fans, I implore you to get your hands on this.

If you live in the UK I know you might be worried as this is a Sephora exclusive, thankfully Makeup By Mario ships to the UK from their website.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to play with my version of a tool box.

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