Incredible Sapphire High Jewelry Pieces For September Birthdays

One of the Big Three, alongside ruby and emerald, sapphires are some of the most covetable gems on earth. Deep, vivid blues are the most prized — and rare — stones, so when designers find exceptional gems, they reserve them for exquisite pieces of high jewelry. Diamonds are frequently paired with sapphires because they highlight the rich blue color. This month, we focus exclusively on high jewelry, including gorgeous sapphire rings, from today’s best designers.  


The latest high jewelry collection from Cartier is called [Sur]Naturel, and it focuses on the beauty of nature. These earrings are inspired by rippling water and feature gorgeous sapphires from Madagascar set within diamond waves. 

Cartier [Sur]Naturel High Jewelry earrings in 18K white gold with 9.22 carats Madagascar sapphire, lapis lazuli, and diamond, price on request,


The iconic Kissing collection from London-based jeweler Boghossian is instantly recognizable by its unique approach to gem setting. Here, a marquise-cut diamond is set within an oval-cut sapphire, a truly remarkable feat. 

Boghossian Kissing ring in 18K white gold with blue sapphire and diamond, price on request,


Brushed 18K yellow gold, a smattering of diamonds, and an organic-shaped gold setting all highlight this beautiful sapphire in Buccellati’s Band ring. The Italian jewelry house is known for finishing every surface of its pieces with incredible texture, which gives an added dimension to the ring. 

Buccellati Band Ring in 18K yellow and white gold with 1.03 carats blue sapphire and 0.26 carats diamond, $12,000,

Cindy Chao

These spectacular Ribbon earrings from Cindy Chao showcase the designer’s incredible craftsmanship and ability to bring something as soft and fluid as a ribbon to life in precious metals and gemstones. Two incredible blue sapphires sit within twisted diamond ribbons that seem to be floating. 

Cindy Chao Sapphire Ribbon earrings in titanium with 25.83 carats blue sapphire and 19.03 carats diamond, price on request,


Bulgari is known for its incredible high jewelry and its love of color. This high jewelry necklace is a more restrained offering, featuring a single blue sapphire. Of course, it’s still Bulgari, so the sapphire is over 30 carats, making it exceptionally rare and valuable, and is surrounded by over 100 carats of beautiful diamonds in different cuts. 

Bulgari High Jewelry necklace in platinum with 31.47 carats blue sapphire and 109.63 carats diamond, price on request,

Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie

This magnificent ring from Anna Hu features a unique combination of opal and sapphire. Round sapphires surround a white opal inlay, whose play-of-color is accentuated by the blue stones. Within sits an incredible blue sapphire in a diamond setting. 

Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie Opal ring in 18K white gold with 9.36 carats opal, 6.11 carats blue sapphire, and 0.35 carats diamond, price on request,

Moussaieff from Tiina Smith

Vintage jewelry collector Tiina Smith focuses her collection on important, rare pieces, and this signed piece from Moussaieff is no exception. Its impeccable craftsmanship is obvious considering setting this many stones on a bracelet with so little metal showing is a difficult task. 

Moussaieff from Tiina Smith bracelet in 18K yellow gold with 8.07 carats blue sapphire and 3.85 carats diamond, price on request,

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