Inglewood native starts clothing line to represent hometown

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) — Hometown pride is something quite common in the Inglewood community and one Inglewood native and business owner Steve Cotton, wanted to come up with a brand that embodied his neighborhood.

“Nipsey Hussle started the Crenshaw/Slauson movement and it was just really booming at the time,” Cotton said. “So, we decided to do a brand that represented our city: Inglewood, City of Champions.”

Cotton received his business degree from Hampton University before moving back home. That’s when he started Inglewood Clothing line about three years ago.

“I never thought I’d be a fashion designer, but now I’m making clothes every day,” Cotton said. “I’m doing inventory. I’m doing invoices, and it really allows me to use my business degree.”

Holly Fowlkes regularly and proudly wears her Inglewood mask from the clothing line.

“It’s giving people other opportunities to express themselves and since the city of Inglewood is now on the map even more with the stadium [and] the forum’s been there forever,” Fowlkes said. “It’s a really great place to live, to work, to be, to thrive. It’s awesome.”

Cotton said there’s something for everyone at the Inglewood shop, which sells things like shirts, coffee mugs and even a special edition Inglewood-opoly game.

“Lots of people come from all over the world just to get our Inglewood version of Monopoly,” Cotton said. “It’s one of our great souvenirs and it makes us different than all the other Inglewood shops.”

Steve said the pandemic hasn’t slowed down his business too much and that’s in part to all the support from the community.
You can find the Inglewood Clothing Line online or in person located at 904 N. La Brea Ave. Inglewood, CA 90302.

“There’s just so much buzz going on in Inglewood right now,” Cotton said. “People are excited about Inglewood and so are we.”

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