Jessica Biel Shares Her Favorite Skincare Products for a Makeup-Free Glow at 38

  • Jessica Biel, 38, just shared a new no-makeup selfie to Instagram.
  • Biel and her makeup artist previously opened up about her skincare routine, and the actress swears by facial toner, antioxidant serum, and eye masks for her radiant skin.

Jessica Biel is proving that no-makeup is the new glam in 2020. On Tuesday, The Sinner star shared a fresh-faced selfie to Instagram, and there was not an eyelash extension or a swipe of foundation in sight.

In the pic, a casual Biel posed in a white “I Am A Voter” hoodie and encouraged U.S. citizens to vote for National Voter Day in the caption. (Thank you, Jessica! 🙌)

With a complexion like that, it’s clear that the actress takes good care of her skin, and she’s opened up about her routine in the past. Here’s everything we know about her favorite products and top tips.

1. She always preps with a toner.

Using a facial toner—which can remove excess oil, minimize pores, and boost hydration—is essential to Biel’s skincare routine, according to her makeup artist Daniel Martin. (Martin, by the way, did Meghan Markle’s makeup on her wedding day.)

“There’s not a ton of moving parts when it comes to Jessica’s skincare prep. It’s basically two parts: toning and moisturizing,” Martin told Refinery29. “To start, I love this Mario Badescu lavender toner because it’s calming and gives the skin a balanced refresh.”

Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe Chamomile and Lavender is infused with lavender oil and vitamin C to soothe and brighten—and costs $7.

2. An antioxidant serum saves her dry skin.

When Biel travels, she said her skin tends to lose hydration, and that’s where the Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum comes in. “Constant flying dries out my skin, so I make sure I moisturize everything. I always have Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum in my carry on,” she wrote in a blog post for the brand’s website.

Featuring antioxidants like yucca extract, flaxseed, and chasteberry, the Eight Greens Youth Serum protects and hydrates, while the Biocomplex formula made of vitamins and alpha lipoic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines.

3. She reaches for a cooling mask to lift tired eyes.

“Jessica has almond-shaped eyes and dry skin, so it’s important to keep the skin around the eyes both lifted and hydrated,” Martin told R29. “I love the 111Skin Celestial masks and will keep them in the fridge the night before and then pull them out so they’re cool and refreshing on the skin.”

The patches invigorate tired eyes using skin-plumping hyaluronic acid and retinol. (Yes, there are actually black diamond particles in these patches.)

This isn’t the only product she uses on her eyes, though. “We use the Sisley Black Rose eye cream because it instantly illuminates any dark shadows under the eye,” Martin said.

Biel also reaches for the multi-use Honest Magic Beauty Balm to help with dryness. “It’s nice because it can sit on top of makeup and it won’t disrupt it, but will just make dry or dull skin a little dewy,” he added.

4. She’s all about moisturizer.

Martin says he uses Tatcha’s Water Cream on Biel because it’s “a great choice for keeping her dry skin hydrated, and mixes well with makeup.”

5. A nutrient-rich diet is key.

Biel’s healthy diet likely contributes to her radiant complexion. The actress told the Los Angeles Times that her family grows some of their food in a backyard garden, including veggies like spinach and radishes, which she throws into large salads.

Biel is all about balance with her meals, although she avoids dairy and wheat due to an intolerance. “Honestly I just feel better when I don’t have gluten or wheat or dairy. My digestion is better, I feel better, I have more energy,” she said. “I just try to eat really healthy.”

Her typical meals involve Paleo pancakes, garden veggies, and lean proteins like salmon. Of course, she still makes room for treats. “Of course I have cheat-days and will go out and have, like, cookies and pizza,” she said.

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