Lala Kent Just Shared A No-Makeup Selfie And Got Candid About Her Pregnancy Acne

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Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, 30, is known for her glammed-out looks, but she just shared a no-makeup selfie on her Instagram Stories and spoke candidly about how pregnancy hormones have caused her skin to break out. The reality TV personality and actress announced in early September that she’s expecting her first child with film producer Randall Emmett, 49.

“I’m not sure why I’m posting this,” she wrote on the photo, which shows three or four pimples on otherwise flawless skin. “Since getting pregnant A LOT of things are changing…including my skin deciding to have a meltdown at the age of 30. F*CK YOU HORMONES (Seth Rogan [sic] voice). Usually i would be really insecure about something like this, waiting until it cleared up for me to leave the house, or using my awesome editing apps to fake y’all out. Today I just want to show real life. Here it is…ain’t she sexy.”

Photo credit: Lala Kent / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Lala Kent / Instagram Stories

Lala’s skin changes aren’t unusual. Pregnancy can cause acne breakouts from the surge of hormones in the body, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Due to those extra hormones, the oil glands secrete more oil, which can cause breakouts. Some people also experience melasma on their cheeks, known as the “mask of pregnancy.” If this happens, dark splotchy patches appear on the forehead and cheeks as a result of increased pigmentation, and in most cases, these patches go away after the baby is born. The skin pigmentation changes also affect other parts of the body, including the nipples, areolas, and labia, and there’s no way to prevent this from happening.

On the bright side, many people notice a “pregnancy glow” on their faces from the increased blood circulation throughout the body. (During pregnancy, the body produces 50 percent more blood than it normally does.) Because of this increased blood flow, the face can appear to be brighter.

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