Lizzo says her style is ‘instantly political’ as a plus size Black woman in 73 Questions Vogue interview

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‘Juice’ singer Lizzo has said that her approach to fashion has been “politicised”, as a plus size Black woman working in the music industry. Speaking to American Vogue, the musician said that by virtue of being a plus size performer that anything she wore was “instantly political” – which annoyed her at first but now she’s embraced it.

Lizzo standing in front of a store

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Lizzo appeared on Vogue’s 73 Questions With video series, where she showed the publication around her beautiful home, which included a swan pool float, a gigantic version of her micro Valentino bag that she wore to the Grammys and a beautiful walk-in wardrobe.

As she discussed her personal style, she explained, “[My style] was politicised because of the things that I wore. Being a big black woman wearing what I wore onstage was instantly political and it made a statement.”

“I’m grateful for that,” she continued, “It was annoying at first, but I’m so grateful to be a part of moving the conversation in fashion forward for bigger bodies and Black women.”

She also praised her team for helping coordinate her looks, saying, “We really do a good job doing everything, it’s really hard to pick the highlights.”

Lizzo has dominated best dressed lists for events including the Met Gala, where she wore a hot pink feathered Marc Jacobs cape, as well as the GLAAD Awards (which she said was one of her favourite looks), in a neon green Christopher John Rogers dress.

Lizzo with collar shirt: Lizzo at the GLAAD Awards (Getty Images)

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Lizzo at the GLAAD Awards (Getty Images)

Off the red carpet, her stage outfits have also been celebrated as she’s performed in an array of sparkling bodysuits, a bridal gown at the BET Awards and a jaw-dropping sequined ball gown at the Grammys.

One striking piece in her closet, which she sadly hasn’t worn very often, was a trailing denim jacket hand painted with the image of a woman drinking out of a cup labelled ‘JUICE’ (after her song of the same name).

Explaining that it was a gift from a fan, she said, “I’m too scared to wear it, I wore it onstage once.”

Lizzo is American Vogue’s October cover star and issues will be available in the US from October 6.

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