Mejuri Jewelry Just Launched a Men’s Line

As important as jewelry is in the men’s style equation right now, the number of collections designed for men’s hands, wrists, and necks that are well-made but affordably priced is…surprising slim. Women’s jewelry line Mejuri makes the space a little less sparse this week with a nine-piece men’s jewelry collection that uses 14K yellow gold, sterling silver, and black onyx and starts at $60. Well, it sort of launches today. Because Mejuri often sees waitlists of up to 100,000 people for a single item, you can sign up for the October 1 presale today, ahead of the full launch on October 5. Look, no one said getting affordable fine jewelry was going to be easy. 

Cofounded in 2015 by Noura Sakkijha, a third-generation jeweler, Mejuri uses a direct-to-consumer business model and sources from all over the world—Canada, Korea, Italy, Thailand, and India—in order to keep prices, quality, and turnaround times in check. In fact, Mejuri releases new designs every week. Which is to say, let’s hope this is just a mere glimpse of the sparkly, affordably priced treasures that await you in the future. 

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