NieR Celebrates 10th Anniversary With a Special Clothing Line

NieR teams up with SuperGroupies to showcase a new line of clothing attire.

Due to the dumpster fire 2020 has been thus far, we haven’t had too many opportunities to dress up in some nice clothes and head out to a club or another social setting due to the restrictions of COVID-19. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look smart as you head to your local store or whilst walking your dog. The much-beloved NieR series has teamed up with Japanese fashion brand SuperGroupies, who offer products inspired by anime and games, in a special part 2 10th anniversary celebration.

If you have ever played through the NieR series and wanted to copy the unique style of Kainé from NieR Gestalt/Replicant, or 2B and 9S from NieR: Automata, then this clothing line up is right up your street. SuperGroupies have a stunning 8-item lineup comprising jackets and shoes that’ll make those mundane grocery trips that little bit more exciting. Up first on the line-up is the Nier Model Jacket which has a detachable fur trim lining the hood and is directly modeled after his in-game outfit. The chest area features a familiar print design and a chain hangs across the breast pocket, inspired by Nier’s in-game outfits.

The 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) model jacket is a sleek, all-black zip-up jacket that is inspired by 2B. The collar is in the same color as 2B’s hair and catches the light to give the face a flattering natural glow. The right breast pocket has an asymmetrical flap, inspired by her standard-issue black combat visor. On the flaps of the lower pockets are beautifully embroidered designs modeled after 2B’s in-game outfit. 9S (YoRHa No.9 Type S) model sneakers are an all-black sneaker with gold metal accents are inspired by 9S. Subtly adorning the sides are gold metal reproductions of the buttons on 9S’s in-game outfit. Hanging from the belt of the right shoe is a charm inspired by 9S’s outfit design. His outfit design is also embroidered onto the heel, making these shoes unmistakably 9S even from the back.

This stylish attire doesn’t come in cheap though so I’m assuming you would probably have to be a die-hard fan to purchase them. The Nier model jacket is priced at 24,800 yen before tax (around $233), Kainé’s model jacket goes for 21,800 yen before tax ( around $200), each 2B and 9S model jacket will set you back 23,800 yen before tax (around $225) and each pair of sneakers is priced at 12,800 yen before tax ( around $120).

You can pre-order all of these items right here from October 6 until October 26 at 12:00 PM, 2020 (Japan Standard Time) before they all release next year in February 2021. Also, check out the video below to see voice actress, Yui Ishikawa who voices 2B in NieR: Automata, as she talks about her fashion shoot as she dons some of the clothes from the SuperGroupies line-up.

NieR: Automata is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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