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When it comes to personal style, we’ve got it sussed. That’s the message from women in their fifties and beyond, who are confidently and unapologetically owning it in the style stakes.

With their authentic sense of self earned through decades of life experience, women from all walks of life are setting the record straight in a thought-provoking new film series from shoe brand Hotter.

“Word Up” sees four fifty-plus women embracing their age, comfortable in their identify, and owning their hard-won style, wisdom and personal integrity.

Turning the tables on youth-centric culture that favours the twenty-something slavishly following fashion trends, the word from Hotter’s women is clear – enough is enough.

Having the confidence to build their yellow shoe collection, shun flash-in-the-pan fads, and rock those sparkly pink hi-tops go a long way to owning personal style at fifty-plus, according to the women.

Hotter Shoes takes a ballsy approach to some unexpected style choices

Hotter Beauty

Label-defying women discuss beauty

Not to mention a ballsy approach to some unexpected style choices. Why can’t sixty-somethings walk in leopard print lace-ups, for example?

And who decreed that hair should be dyed as soon as those grey roots make an appearance? Word Up’s Emmanuelle (rocking the silver bob) begs to differ. “As long as it makes you feel good, strong and confident, anything goes!” she says.

Tearing up the rule book is something Hotter also subscribes to. Standard shoe sizes don’t wash with this brand, who understand that just as people come in different shapes and sizes, shoes should too.

Hotter Shoes discuss the importance of Comfort

‘Word Up’ women discuss the importance of comfort

They’ve been creating comfortable footwear that fits perfectly for over 60 years, helping women do more of what they love – so nothing holds them back.

With up to 40 fitting and size combinations on top styles including casual and active shoes, boots and slippers, there’s a design as individual as you are. Add to that help online in the form of fit guides plus fitting experts in store (including 3D Footprint™ technology) and it’s easy to see why Hotter are experts in comfort for every foot.

“That sense of feeling comfortable and free enough to own your personal style is something that came across loud and clear from the women in our film series,” says Claire Reynolds, Hotter’s head of brand marketing.

The pioneering shoe brand celebrates individualism

Hotter Shoes challenges stereotypes on Ageing

Hotter Shoes challenges stereotypes on ageing

“These women are tired of youth-dominated marketing and being patronised with cliches of post-fifty women having to conform in the style stakes by fading into the background.

“It’s time we acknowledged and honoured their richly-deserved skills, desires and style.”

As the “Word Up” women attest, there’s comfort to be had in rejecting dated stereotypes, stepping up to the plate, and taking ownership of your personal style – including fabulously comfortable footwear.

“We’re proud to help re-dress the balance when it comes to ageing and style,” adds Claire. “The message couldn’t be clearer – with age comes authenticity, courage and individualism. Our fifty-plus women are certainly voting with their feet, and wearing their hard-earned personal style as a badge of honour.”

To view Hotter’s footwear collection go to www.hotter.com.

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