Revamp your home decor based on your unique personality, writes Neha Jhunjhunwala

Some easy questions and tips that could help you understand your personal style and also how these relate to and influence the available space

The space you live in should speak volumes about you

Our home is no longer just our home — it also serves as our office space, our restaurant space, our ‘meet up with friends’ space. We are spending much more time in our homes than we ever did before (this is something each and everyone of us would say for sure). So why not do it up to match with who you are!

Just as clothes are an extension of you, your home or your space too, is a reflection of who you are — and of your personality. So the space you live in should speak volumes about you and that, for me, is the most critical element while styling or decorating one’s home. Homes can range from boho-chic to minimal modern, from contemporary to traditional or from kitsch to classical. A lot of factors usually influence our bent towards a specific kind of interior look — including age group, family (or no family) set-up, demographic set-up, lifestyle, and the socio-economic standing of an individual.

So the next question that comes to mind is how do we define what our unique decor style is? How would we find the look that snug-fits our lifestyle, and us? Well, here are some easy questions and tips that could help you understand your personal style and also how these relate to and influence the available space.


If you had to describe yourself or your family set-up in two-three words, what would be the first few words that come to mind? Sometimes, it is normal and — to a certain degree, more interesting — to have the second word that is the complete opposite of what the first word was (like classic kitsch). Since most of us have multiple characteristics, using contradictory words helps in making the space more exciting. That’s the decor style your home should have. It’s that easy, isn’t it? What also helps at this point is to browse through the best home decor/interior design sites and bookmark the pages or right-click and save the images that you like, in a folder. If you subscribe to magazines, you’re lucky! Cut and keep pictures of homes or spaces that you would love yours to look and feel like.

Now your next question could well be, “Okay, so I have the two-three words and maybe a couple of pictures! What next? How do I correlate all of this into my home interiors?”

Bring in the patterns

For starters, you need to understand what kind of patterns (or no patterns) do you feel comfortable in? What makes you feel calm and makes you feel, well… at home? It could well be a damask pattern or a traditional paisley, a simple stripe or an opulent suzani pattern. You need to understand what design element you are naturally drawn to. Your pattern liking could shape the overall style of your home’s decor.


Paint the town

The third and most important factor is the use of colours. Each colour narrates a different story and the usage of one along with another changes our perception of the colour story. Now look back at your repository of references. Do they have any specific colour themes? Would you like your home to be in soft neutrals with warm creams, stony pewter, and browns, or would you prefer splashes of colour to uplift your mood? A thumb-rule I follow (and advocate): The colour theme should not be consistent throughout your home.


Keeping the overall look similar and reflective of who you are, playing with colours in different set-ups adds a quirky, fun element. When you walk from one room into another, you will have a refreshing feel. Each of these spaces must be designed keeping in mind two critical factors: What you expect of that space and, most importantly, how that space must make you feel.

Finishing touches

Lastly, the artefacts and the furniture, the furnishings and most importantly, the bric-a-brac you choose to ‘creatively clutter’ or declutter your home with, says so much about your personality. Walking through the space you would like to decorate or style with a diary and making a to-do list: ‘Love it’ and ‘Wish I could replace it’ is the last step. Remember to be honest about this list because in the words of interior design expert Carrie McCarthy, “It’s all based on how things make you feel.”


Once you manage to put all these thoughts together, you will notice there are some common factors that bind. The common threads include — the look, the feel, the vibe, design elements, and substrates or materials. In sum, that’s what your interior decor style is! On a closing note, the most important element you need to keep in mind while redecorating or styling your home is loving every inch of your space. Love your space, love the textiles used, love the paintings on the wall, love the sofa you sit on — and, most importantly, love the people you live with! After all, they help make your house a home and give it what we are constantly seeking — the soul. I would love to know what’s your decor style. Let’s connect on Instagram @design.on.the.go

The author runs her own soft furnishing brand Onset while working with her family textile business. She has taught Textiles at the Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and been a visiting lecturer at Philadelphia University and JDBI, Kolkata

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