Selena Gomez Coach Anna Wintour Personal Style 2017

ICYMI, Selena Gomez has been spotted in veritable hit parade of amazing looks recently. (Don’t worry, we were keeping close tabs on her excellent ensembles, here.) The star was only spotted at one show this time around, although you’d think she was hitting the front-row circuit all week long, because of her consistently on-point outfit. But she reserved the honor for Coach — which makes a lot of sense, considering the star joined forces with the brand back in December. She’ll be starring in forthcoming ad campaigns, working with the house’s charitable arm, the Coach Foundation, and designing a special bag with Coach’s creative director, Stuart Vevers.

Once we were a safe distance away from the end of New York Fashion Week, we rang up Gomez after the Coach show to discuss the virtues of a great top-handle bag, what she listens to when getting decked out for a red carpet, and her secret-sauce combo for looking amazing when you feel kind of crappy. (Spoiler: Like all things trendy, it involves a choker.) Also, sentimental packrats out there, you’ll be comforted to know that Gomez, too, has a hard time letting go of stuff in her closet — especially when it comes to her first-ever “pricy” purchase. Read on for more.

You go to a very select couple of shows every time Fashion Month rolls around. What was special about going to
your first Coach show?
“The relationship I’ve created with Stuart [Vevers]. I’m very selective with the relationships I make with people; not for any reason other than that that’s just how I was brought up. Stuart and I really bonded — we spoke for weeks and weeks before we decided to do something together. He showed me his vision of what he wants Coach to be, what it stands for, and how it’s this great American brand, and it seemed like such a good match. Honestly, I felt proud of him when he came out at the end of the show — I was so excited for him. I got emotional.”

What’s the fashion show-going experience like for you?
“There’s a little bit of pressure when you’re in the front row! You kind of have to sit still, and be positioned in a proper way. I would bring food if I could, but it just doesn’t really work like that at a fashion show; I would probably offend so many people. It’s really cool. I loved sitting with Anna [Wintour] and her team — I’ve known Anna for a really long time, so it was cool to talk to her about where I’ve been the past few months and how she’s definitely inspired me to do a lot of charitable work. We got to catch up, which was really nice.”

Has Anna ever given you any style advice?
“She hasn’t said anything about how I look! The first time I had lunch with her, we talked about the foundation of work she’s done in her life, and the ability I have to use my platform for good, which is something I’ve always strived for. All of our conversations have focused on that. She asked me questions about Coach, too, of course. She’s very smart; very wise.”

What has the
process of working with Coach and Stuart been like?
“It’s really great to have an influence and some control when you’re working with a brand. Having control in a situation is something that’s important to me, as a woman and as a businessperson. One of the first things they said when I joined the Coach family is that they wanted me to feel safe. What they represent as a brand is something I can embody. The handbag I’m designing has an inspirational message that comes with the bag.”

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