So, Barbie Ferreira Should Highly Consider Becoming My Personal Makeup Artist

From Cosmopolitan

Putting on makeup may seem simple. You get some foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and a lip product, slap that on your face, and voilá—your face is beat. But obviously, it takes precision and skill!

To put her amateur MUA talents to the test, Barbie Ferreira (our amazing November cover star), switched roles and did the makeup of her makeup artist. Sounds like it could either go really well or really, um, *not* well. Important note: Kali—aka Barbie’s beloved MUA—said in the beginning of the video that Barbie is pretty awesome at doing makeup. Excited to see how this turns out!

Barbie started off with applying some face products onto Kali. During this time, they talked about B’s unforgettable mullet stage that had the press buzzing for days. It really was everything. The two also chatted about their favorite makeup looks of Kali’s that Barbie’s ever worn and personally the Euphoria premiere takes the cake.

Back to le beat, Barbie decided to go with a bright red eyeshadow and blue liner look on her girl with a very arched, and very drawn-in brow. Oh, and if you’re wondering how Kali got that glow? From Barbie’s Prismatica Face Palette that she collabed with Becca…duh.

Watch the rest to see the final result and make sure to stream Unpregnant on HBO Max now!


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