Suhani Parekh Misho Designs AirPod earrings

  • A jewelry designer created earrings to keep AirPods in place while under stay at home orders.
  • Suhani Parekh of Misho Designs was inspired by her own AirPod mishaps.
  • The earrings come in three designs, and retail for between $60 and $125.
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Suhani Parekh had Apple AirPods for a while, but she didn’t find herself using them much.

“They would always slip out of my ears – I was often afraid that the AirPod would simply pop [out] and I would end up losing it,” the creative director of Misho Designs told Business Insider in an email interview.

Then, while stuck at home because of COVID-19, “life suddenly became so much more digital,” she said. ” I was always on the phone, on video calls, on Zoom meetings, and like a lot of us I decided to get cracking on those long overdue workouts.”

Reaching for her AirPods throughout the day inspired the idea: earrings that not only complement AirPods but also hold them in place. 

The AirPod accessory market has become popular for third parties looking to cash in on the ever-popular headphones. Apple sold 60 million pairs of them in 2019 according to analyst estimates.

With the product in so many customer’s hands, there’s a strong potential market for accessories like Misho’s earrings.

Take a look at the design. 

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