Sustainability Meets Fashion In New Bikini Clothing Line

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Honolulu (KHON2) – Sundaze Bikinis introduces an eco-friendly swimwear line to help create a sustainable environment for Hawaii and it’s oceans. 

Inspired by the everyday ocean activities, Sundaze Bikinis brings high quality sustainable swimwear that it’s customers feel good about and feel good in. 

“Sundaze Bikinis was created to spread positive, active lifestyles, with a love for the beautiful world around us through conservation and sustainability efforts,” says Taylor Ditty, owner of Sundaze Bikinis. “We believe there is no reason to be producing more waste when we can be using the products that are already made to make new products.”

Most bikinis worn today are made up of microfibers, that break apart into little particles, and spread around the ocean during a day at the beach, or while in the wash. 

Ditty says, “Every time these fabrics are washed, millions of microfibers are becoming released in the water and they are too small to be filtered in treatment plants, meaning they end up in oceans and waterways and back into our food. Plastic fibers are now showing up in fish and shellfish sold for consumption.”

With the goal of protecting our environment, Sundaze Bikinis manufacture their swimwear line using plastic bottles, and fishnets found in the ocean.

“The fabric we use is just being produced using plastic waste we already have instead of creating new plastic for the fabric. Plastic waste are melted down to their original form and spun into a fiber called Nylon 6, which is then woven together like traditional lycra to make the soft fabric our bikinis are made from,” says Ditty.

Sundaze Bikinis is available to shop online which includes worldwide shipping, and at select stores on O’ahu.


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