A group of 2020 University of Texas at Austin graduates can now see the jewelry they designed on the shelves at Kendra Scott. The Ciarla ear cuff set available from Kendra Scott. Image courtesy of Kendra Scott. As part of last spring’s Textiles and Apparel (TXA) 365 class, Accessory Design, […]

When entering a retail jewelry shop, customers expect elegance. Such stores should be designed to favorably showcase the jewelry collection, allow customers to browse with ease and maintain security. A retailer should draw upon the company’s business goals, vision statement and brand identity when developing store designs. All are influenced […]

Video: Energy-saving innovations displayed at trade show in Bangkok, Thailand (Newsflare) Energy-saving innovations displayed at trade show in Bangkok, Thailand Click to expand Cheeky squirrel does gymnastics on her rescuer’s foot in Louisiana A cheeky 3-week-old squirrel, Peaches, in Lafayette, Louisiana, does gymnastic on her rescuer’s foot, filmed on Tuesday […]

© Provided by Lifestyle Asia Khadi stands as a potent example of centuries-old Indian hand-spun textile traditions. An insignia of everything swadesi during India’s independence struggle, the textile has become an ultimate representative of self-reliance. The fabric was adapted by the intellectuals, favoured by the likes of Rabindranath Tagore and Subhas […]

Fashion labels are designing outfits for video calls during the coronavirus pandemic. A “waist-up” focus has been noticed at both Milan and London Fashion Weeks, with detailed necklines and relaxed trousers. Prada placed its logo near the collars of its tops, and featured large coats pulled around shoulders like a […]