Lizzo shared multiple no-makeup Instagram videos while doing the Deborah Cox Challenge. She followed those fun videos up with a serious video urging those watching to vote. Lizzo told her fans, “This election is happening with or without you. Be present.” When Lizzo raps, people listen. Because, ya know, it’s […]

Nailing an intricate makeup look always feels like an accomplishment: Think an Impressionist creation using only cream shadow, a fat cat eye à la Brigitte Bardot, or an ombré lip using three (three!) shades of lipstick. But at the end of the day, no matter how much effort it took, […]

Kjaer Weiss Liquid Foundation Kjaer Weiss No-makeup makeup and bare faces are not only the trending looks in beauty, they’re also the product of current circumstances. For months, glitters and blush powders have laid quietly dormant in drawers, only seeing the light of day during a closet reorganization or before […]