The company will ship the payload to a host GEO spacecraft within just 22 months of the contract award. He did amazing business head photographs for me — the entire expertise was so easy and the photographs had been stunning. I extremely recommend Dan if you’re in search of a […]

When entering a retail jewelry shop, customers expect elegance. Such stores should be designed to favorably showcase the jewelry collection, allow customers to browse with ease and maintain security. A retailer should draw upon the company’s business goals, vision statement and brand identity when developing store designs. All are influenced […]

Hospitality firms invest large amounts of time, money and energy tracking customers for marketing purposes. Cruise lines, hotels and timeshare companies collect consumer data in order to sell their services to their target markets. There are specific challenges that arise when tracking customer-related information, which makes ethical standards critical for […]

Ethics in business are the standards of conduct used to guide the moral choices made by business people every day. Some individuals hold themselves to higher ethical standards than others. From the standpoint of a coworker, customer or vendor, ethical issues in the business setting come down to being certain […]

While business contracts are legally binding documents, they are only effective within an ethical framework that assumes most parties observe and fulfill their contractual obligations. Competing for, obtaining and satisfying contracts ethically is the basis for an efficiently functioning economy. If your company engages in unethical behavior, you may lose […]

© Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images/@laurdelle/Twitter Lauryn Rivera, a small business owner, claims that Bella Thorne requested custom jewelry in exchange for publicity on Instagram, but the Disney actress never followed through. Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images/@laurdelle/Twitter Lauryn Rivera, a 20-year-old small business owner, is speaking out about her experience with actress Bella Thorne. […]

Photographer: Paulo Sousa / EyeEm Photographer: Paulo Sousa / EyeEm Eccentricity, a women’s clothing store in Wellfleet, Mass., is stocked with inventive, loosely fitting fashions that appeal mostly to middle aged and older women. Owner Gail McGibbon, who has run the store with her husband since 1985,  gives disposable gloves to […]