Do you know where your clothes come from? How they’re made? What impact they have on the environment? When it comes to many clothing manufacturers, the answers are probably all no. But companies like Gaia & Dubos want you to know exactly how their clothing is made and everything they […]

Afterpay has announced a partnership with sustainable and ethical fashion directory Good On You, a pioneering ratings platform which connects conscious shoppers to better brands through empowering consumers to know their impact. Solidifying Afterpay’s commitment to encourage sustainable shopping, the new partnership will enable 50 Afterpay merchants rated every month […]

Developing sustainable fabrics, boosting textile recycling and bringing textile manufacturing jobs back to the UK are some of the key recommendations put forward in a new parliamentary report compiled by behaviour change charity Hubbub on sustainable fashion. As part of the charity’s Greenprint for a Better Britain, a manifesto designed […]

Twyg, a local not-for-profit organisation and online publication, is calling on fashion designers who implement sustainable and circular approaches, and who foster ethical practices, to enter its second annual Sustainable Fashion Awards. Getty “The awards come at a time of deep introspection. Getting on with the business of fashion has […]

Of all the accessories we love and cherish, jewelry can be one of the most sentimental. The best sustainable jewelry brands get that—but they also get that quality and beautiful design can go hand in hand with doing right by the planet.  We’re all thinking harder and longer these days […]

The strangest thing about this very quiet New York Fashion Week was how disconnected it felt from last season’s environmentally conscious hullabaloo. Last fall, everyone yelled a little bit too loudly about sustainability. This season, people yelled a little bit too loudly about how New York Fashion Week was dead. […]