The best vegan shoe brands to know right now

best vegan shoe brands


When it comes to fashion, sustainability and ethics are factors which are becoming more and more important to consumers, with many of us prioritising animal welfare and the environment in ways we never have before. And, in the realm of footwear, many shoppers want to ensure the products they are buying are meeting these criteria, hoping to invest only in vegan shoes.

So, we have rounded up the best vegan-friendly shoe brands available to shop right now. Whether you are looking for an everyday trainer, a dressy heel or a year-round boot, these are the labels that are striking the perfect balance between style and preserving the environment.

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Sylth Virago


Sylth Virago was founded last year by two friends, Danielle Goldman and Athanasia Diamantis-Svec, who both love fashion and animals. After struggling to find products that were created ethically and didn’t harm animals or the environment, they saw the opportunity to start their own brand. The pair enlisted designer Kyle Blackmon to create one-of-a-kind designs with strong silhouettes that are made for the most stylish women.




If you’re after vegan trainers with classic style, then look no further than Yatay. The brand is PETA-approved, 100 per cent vegan and every shoe is made in Italy.

Yatay is already a hit with celebrities with Benedict Cumberbatch, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Chastain and David Beckham all being regular wearers.

The brand has its own land in a Kenyan rainforest, where it pledges to plant one tree every day forever, as part of its 365 initiative. With every pair purchased a tree is planted, and the shopper gets a code to monitor the tree’s growth and how much CO2 is offset.




Allkind is a 100 per cent vegan label – all products are made with natural or recycled rubber, cotton or upcycled materials. The brand is committed to being a carbon-negative business from day one, partnering with Offset Earth on rainforest protection, renewable energy and tree-planting programmes. 5 per cent of its profits are donated to causes they believe in, such as PETA and The Rainforest Trust.




Veja is label loved by many, including the Duchess of Sussex and sustainability advocate Emma Watson, who have both regularly been seen sporting a pair with the instantly recognisable “V” detail.

The brand was founded in 2005, with the aim to make each stage of production as least impactful as possible. It uses certified organic cotton and natural Amazonian rubber for its canvas, laces, uppers and soles are purchased directly from farmer associations in Brazil and Peru β€” sometimes at twice the market value. One in three Veja shoe models are vegan, its leather alternative is made from cotton fabric covered by a corn-based coating.


Beyond Skin


Beyond Skin offers vegan shoes for any occasion, whether it’s for day-t0-day or a chic mule for a special evening. Founded in 2000 with the aim of offering luxury vegan footwear that has individuality, authenticity and sustainability at the heart of it, the brand has become a hit.

As well as being a vegan shoe brand, it is sweatshop and child labour free with eco-friendly sustainable production practices. Each shoe is made with 100 per cent recycled faux leather lining with a vegetable polymer coating – you can learn more about Beyond Skin’s materials here.

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