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Recent prices paid for old Tree of Life pendants like yours range from less than $5 to $150, with many selling in the $35 to $80 range.

Question: I am cleaning out attic and basement spaces in my home while preparing to hold a sale of stored items before I place my property on the market.

Among these things is a perfectly working, like-new, skateboarding Bart Simpson FM alarm clock radio on a stand. It is a gift my late husband received as a college student and never used or even removed from its box.

Any information you can supply about the radio and its worth will be appreciated. G.L., Marmora

Answer: The “like-new” skateboarding Bart Simpson alarm clock radio, decorated with Simpson son Bart’s figure on the skateboard, was initially made in New York during 1990.

It is among many merchandise items associated with “The Simpsons,” a satirical American family TV sitcom created by cartoonist Matt Groening and executive producer James L. Brooks.

The celebrated TV show debuted in December 1989 and became one of the longest-running, eventually becoming a multimillion-dollar merchandising industry while selling related Simpson family items.

Merchandise included everything from comic books, T-shirts and posters to video games and items such as your alarm-clock radio that once was a sought-after collectible.

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