Trump slammed for bronze make-up in White House photo-op amid Covid-19: ‘Another person he probably infected’

After barely staying in the Walter Reed Military Medical Center for three days following his Covid-19 diagnosis, President Donald Trump returned to the White House to pose for the cameras with a full face of makeup which included a visible layer of bronzer. This led many people on social media to slam the president for unnecessarily risking the health of his makeup artists just to look good for the camera. 

Upon his return and after exiting Marine One on Monday, October 5, the POTUS removed his face mask before posing for photographs atop the Truman Balcony. He was seen waving at the cameras with a serious-looking face, holding up a double thumbs up and saluting as the helicopter which transported him in the residence was taking off. 

Social media users were quick to point out that the president looked starkly different from the pictures released by the White House late on Saturday, October 3, night showing the POTUS working from Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland. In those photos, Trump’s skin looked paler and whiter as he clearly was not wearing any makeup compared to how he looked in both photos and videos from October 5. It was clear that his hair had been done and his face had been professionally painted to emphasize the fact that the president was doing well despite the disease. 

As a result, many of the users could not help but attack Trump for putting the lives of his makeup team in danger. “Notice Zoom Close-up Camera View at White House Rear 2nd Level Porch of Donald J Trump after Walking Up 2 Flights of Stairs, Removes Mask, Face Sweaty & Glistening, Make-up & Bronzer Thickly Applied, Trump Rapidly Breathing, Almost Gasping, In & Out of Mouth ! #TrumpLied200KDied” one user wrote, while another said, “Literally am I the only one that thought trump looked Normal when he was ‘sick’ because they just didn’t put his tanner/bronzer on. Now it’s back on and he’s ‘fine'” 

A third commented, “Someone had to put on Trump’s bronzer and do his hair. Chalk up another person he probably infected.” And someone else remarked, “It’s happening to Trump, and he’s inflicting it on others because of his narcissistic personality disorder. The video of him standing on the balcony slathered in bronzer struggling to breathe was tragic. He’s not projecting strength, but he’ll risk others’ lives for his delusion.” Yet another opined, “Trump yesterday was pale. Today he’s tanned. Someone visited a deadly virus infected patient at a federal veteran’s hospital to spray him with bronzer “











The question of whether Trump was actually telling the truth about getting infected with the virus was also playing on people’s minds. Some of the others also wondered if Trump missed being photo-ready and hence pushed to come back to the White House from the hospital so that he would have access to his slam team. 

“So be honest, Ms. MAGAninny… Is Trump’s strategy to get everyone in the WH sick with COVID-19 just so he doesn’t have to wear a mask and foul up his bronzer?” one asked, while another wrote, “Trump has not had access to his bronzer. Left it on the sink in the WH before heading to WR. This explains why he needed to return early.” A third wondered, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if trump didn’t have Covid-19, but instead was dying from bronzer poisoning?” Another wrote, “I am not a doctor. But I am an esthetician. All Donald Trump did was take his orange bronzer off for 72 hours and already slapped it back on for his White House return. Overcame #COVID? BULLSHIT! #TrumpCovidHoax #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace”







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